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Atlantic Education International is committed to expanded lines of business, providing additional education services. As we interact with partners in various countries to deliver unique and quality education and programs, we are constantly working on creating new business development.

Summer Culture Program

In July 2019, Students and chaperones will travel from New Brunswick to China, where they will spend time at the Beijing, Hefei, Xi’an, Hunan Concord Colleges Colleges of Sino-Canada. 

The College will organize a program consisting of classroom instruction including introductory courses in Chinese culture, visit major cultural and historic sites. At the same time, Chinese students will be taking part in an English language program. Activities will be scheduled so that New Brunswick and Chinese students can join together in activities, to reinforce skills in both languages.

Winter Camp

Through the Winter Camp Program, Chinese students, from one of the campuses of the Concord College of Sino-Canada, come to New Brunswick for a week in early February. They stay with a host
family, participate in school classes and activities and get to practice their English language skills. Special field trips, such as skiing, skating and other winter activities, are also organized.



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Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB) was established in 2007. Its creation was the result of 10 years of Atlantic Education International Inc.’s successful involvement in education with China, delivering New Brunswick’s school curriculum since 1997.

The aim of the Confucius Institute program is to promote friendly relationships with other countries and the study of Chinese language and culture. The Chinese Ministry of Education has created over 250 Confucius Institutes worldwide. Confucius was a fifth-century Chinese philosopher and teacher whose thought shaped traditional and modern Asian culture.

The establishment of the Confucius Institute of New Brunswick is a valuable resource in assisting students and adults to appreciate Chinese language and culture. This educational partnership is an important social and economic development resource in helping New Brunswickers better understand China, an important partner in the global marketplace.

Through CINB, the office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) provides education graduates and teacher volunteers from China to assist New Brunswick schools interested in offering Chinese language and culture opportunities. Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John schools have benefitted from this arrangement.

For more information about the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, visit their website.

“We do feel there is enormous potential to work in the Education field to alert students to the wonderful opportunities they would have to study in China, potentially eventually to work and live in China and to understand the Chinese community in Canada.” 

- Dawn Weatherbie, (VP of Operations)
Atlantic Education International